u4c Third Party User Licence (TPUL)

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Welcome to the world of u4c!

u4c Tutorials, u4c Resource files and u4c Wand© files (or any files derived therefrom) are licenced for use only to Members of the u4c Membership site and for their sole personal use.

u4c Wand© files (or any files derived therefrom) can only be used by third-party persons or entities who hold a valid u4c Third-Party User Licence (TPUL) available online from u4c4seconds Limited. 

u4c Third-Party User Licences (TPUL) are of three types:

1   A Temporary u4c Third-Party User Licence (TTPUL) is granted automatically for 90 days from the date of first use, storage or end-use of u4Wand© files (and any spreadsheet files derived therefrom) by that third-party person, entity or organisation, subject to their obtaining an interim or confirmed TPUL licence on or before the expiry of the initial 90 day period, or

2   An Interim u4c TPUL licence valid for 90 days pending nomination by such third-party entity within that 90-day term of a current u4c Member to act as their u4c Qualifying’ Member (QM) (see note 4 below) with this as a pre-condition for upgrading that Interim u4c TPUL licence to

3   A Confirmed, perpetual u4c TPUL licence given in that entity or organisation’s name, effective from the date of such QM confirmation and acceptance by u4c.

Failure to register a u4c Member as a Qualifying u4c Member (QM) within 90 days of issue of an interim u4c TPUL licence will lapse that interim u4c TPUL licence without right of refund for any u4c TPUL licence fee or fees so far paid.

4   To ensure that u4c can be properly and capably introduced into any third-party entity or organisation, it is a condition precedent for the issue of any confirmed, perpetual u4c Third-Party User Licence that such Third-Party entity or organisation must either:

1   have their TPUL application sponsored by a current u4c Member as their ‘qualifying’ u4c Member (QM), or

2   sponsor a nominated person or persons to become a u4c Member to then serve as that entity or organisation’s ‘qualifying’ u4c Member (QM) required for their obtaining a permanent, confirmed u4Third-Party User Licence (TPUL).

u4c Tutorials, u4c Resource files and u4c Wand© files are not sold; rather, they are licenced all the way through the distribution channel to the end user. 

u4c Tutorials, u4c Resource files and u4c Wand© files are copyright works registered with the UK Copyright Service, Registration No 284702558 and in other countries.

With best regards,

Edwin Dougherty FCA 

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