To convert your Interim u4c TPUL licence to a Confirmed u4c TPUL licence, please enter below:
The ‘First Name’ as used for registration of your Interim TPUL in both the ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’ boxes provided, and then enter
The ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and the ‘u4c QMID’ key for your nominated u4c Qualifying Member in the boxes provided.
Please ensure these details are entered and spelled correctly as originally recorded by u4c for they will be validated electronically and any imprecision will request you to re-enter precise correct references.
u4c will advise your nominated u4c Qualifying Member by email that their name has been used for the purpose of converting a u4c Interim TPUL to a Confirmed perpetual TPUL licence in your name.

u4c TPUL confirmation applicant

u4c Qualifying Member details:

We, the applicant, accept that the detail given above must accord precisely to the registration details given by both the u4TPUL applicant and the u4Qualifying Member at the time of both parties' original u4c Membership registration.

This requirement for precise information is given as the above details will be verified electronically with our records before a Confirmed u4TPUL licence can be issued.

Upon verification, a Confirmed u4Third-Party User Licence (TPUL) email will be sent to the TPUL Interim Licence holder at the email address given above and a confirmatory email will be sent to the u4Qualifying Member to advise them of this application.


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